• “The WildStyle is a science” – FASIM from Barcelona

    I’m Fasim One.
    I write with pride the crews; WildHeadBand, 156 All Stars, The Death Squad.

    FASE, Madrid, Legazpi. 2012I was born in the slums of “The Trinity” in the city of Barcelona in 1972. In the 80′s there was a boom of Hip-Hop in all Europe and with 14 years I met Henry Chalfant through some friends. He did a photo exhibition in a Gallery of Art, in which we learned even more about the Hip-Hop culture directly from one key player.

    After that I started with passion to develop my own style in WildStyle and stole cans in department stores. They did not yet know that “it” was used to do graffiti because the phenomenon itself was not known yet.

    In that time we tagged a lot of insides in the subway cars and we started to go out for trains. We even formed a spirited scene for train writing. Everyone was trying their own styles and from time to time it happened that there was a certain different style compared to other cities in Spain, even to other countries. Something I have seen in every city I go, the Graffiti-Styles develop in the world but there are always differences between cities – and that’s what makes Graffiti great!  Graffiti went a global but individual culture and that is what also fascinates me about the whole thrust of Graffiti Art in the World, and also the versatility and the union… and always remember… respect among writers is tremendous.

    What me obsessed from the beginning was to develop my own style. I’ve done it for years and I painted with some of the best teachers from NYC, something that has given me great satisfaction, deeper insights and school. For example Sento, who came to Barcelona with Kami. I keep them in very good memories and painting with them was a very good experience for me. And sure, also many others that I have good memories, and of others great disappointments. But you know… that’s the game.

    The WildStyle is a science and Graffiti style is a whole “new” great culture, a great story from New York to the rest of the planet and a large family!

    Burn me with your style if you can – I’m doing it!
    Greetings to all the family of Graffiti Art!

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