• Catch the Spanish Fly: Zeus; Barcelona

    My name is ZEUS, and I’m from a small town near Barcelona in Spain. Another name is DOSE.

    I started painting at the age of 14, in 1988, belonging to the 1st generation of writer in my country. My little brother who is also called HEROE was a graffiti writer who introduced me to the shit. I developed my style in the 90s with my friends and my group called ART ATTACK ARTIST. At that time Graffiti was a form of escape for me, and also protest and fun. Now Graffiti is a form of personal growth.

    I am rarely satisfied with any of my pieces and I always like to improve myself. If it ever happens that I am satisfied with my work, it is because this piece has transcended and is above what I had initially thought.

    Let’s go and have fun with my stuff…


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