• Issue 9 – Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll…

    stopthebuff Graffiti Magazin Issue #9 – Release May 2013


    This guy is crazy and brazen at once: at totally daytime he is painting the train with coating colour – like others do it at the Hall of Fame on a sunny sunday. And this is why we call this issue Let’s Paint n… ehhh excuse us, Let’s Rock n Roll!

    And there are a lot of guys rolling and rocking in this issue:

    There are the OHs and the QVC Crew for two burning crew specials. The OHs are celebrating their 15 years anniversary with us. Congrats!! And the QVCs bring a lot of cool old school flava into our magazine. Great!

    Speaking of old school we have also a big DREAM – TWS feature in this issue. But he is still doing such a great job that he is also “now school” in kind of quality and quantity – does not matter if trains, walls, street etc. We had the chance to make a great interview and a huge picture special!

    Another special guest in issue #9 is Hendrik ECB Beikirch. His artistic work is awesome huge – both in quality and size. We interviewed Hendrik about his thoughts, works and his background. Don’t miss it.

    And ABColutely an eyecatcher is again our alphabet battle between MIGEL from Berlin and LORD SCAN from Minden. Still letters in full effect!

    Altogether once again a great issue you should not miss! This is stopthebuff issue #9…

    So: Let’s Rock n Roll!

    (Click in the issue for full screen preview.)

    Übersicht der Specials:

    - OH Crew Special
    - QVC Crew Special
    - Dream TWS
    - Hendrik ECB Beikirch

    Preview Issue #8:


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