• Issue 7 – This is it…

    stopthebuff Graffiti Magazine No #7 – Release: Mai 2012


    „This is it! This is it!“ At the beginning of May Issue #7 came with a big bang: a complete clean (buffed?) New York Subway on its cover. And because of the great support from you guys we needed more pages. Now we have 72 pages! And they were burning like you already guessed.

    The Power Boys from AK47 stylewrites now since 18 years! And that on highest German Graffiti level possible. Behind the frontiers in the East, there came cool the Beda-Crew from St. Petersburg – Russian train writing to the fullest. And of course not to forget Bums with his parade: 120 pieces from beginning 2012 until beginning of April. Great colorful styled Graff-stuff.

    One important part of any stopthebuff issue is the alphabet battle, this time with Rusl and Amit, two of the experienced writers you can find out there. And last but not least one think to open you mind: Clemens Behr doing installations with a huge own Graffiti background.

    This exclusive stuff in this Issue…

    (Click in the issue for full screen preview.)

    Overview of the Specials:

    • Crew Special: 18 Jahre Ak47 Power Boys
    • Crew Special: Beda Crew St. Petersburg
    • 120 Sprays in 3 months: The Bums Parade
    • Clemens Behr
    • Alphabet: Amit 2.0 vs. Rusl

    Preview Issue #7:


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