• Issue 10 – Been here, done that…

    stopthebuff Graffiti Magazine Issue #10 – Release December 2013

    cover5 years and 10 issues later – we have to say thank you to all our supporters for this anniversary issue! We started as a small magazine out of South Germany and now we have so many international fans and supporters. It is just great that you can buy our magazine in London, Lissabon or Luebeck in your local Graffiti store. And hell yeah… even on your digital device!

    And there is one thing for sure, we all made our marks: We’ve been here, done that!

    In this 10th anniversary issue we have also many special guest leaving their marks. Beside a lot of mixed stuff on train, wall or in the streets there are some high quality specials for you:

    BASCO from Mannheim/Germany is alphabet-battling with HOEK123 from Munich/Germany. And two great Crews got their space for two great specials, RM Crew and LONS Crew. They have all been here and done that!

    Overview of the Specials:

    • Crew Special: RM Crew
    • Crew Special: LONS Crew
    • Alphabet: Basco vs. Höek 123
    • Interview: Sat one

    Preview Issue #10:

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