• Issue 5 – Check it out…

    stopthebuff Graffiti Magazin No #5 – Release: March 2011

    Issue #5 – the check it out issue – was being a long time coming. Anyways, this magazine with issue #5 is still a non profit project. That means everyone from us needs to do other (mostly) unimportant things for living. But you know, we working on it hard times.

    Also with this issue our internet sites was relaunched, what also costs some valuable minutes of time.

    A lot of news! That’s why we call issue #5 the check it out issue.

    And there were also a lot of news concerning the magazine itself. True to the maxim less is more, we had, compared to the previous issues, far less specials. The reason was, we just had so many awesome single pics from all over, that we wanted to feature the scene at all:

    Nevertheless there was our traditional alphabet battle with GoesII (Freiburg) and Pyro (Berlin). A Sair-special and some more pages of pieces in demolition areas. Great flavor! Demolition areas attract more and more writers so it was just a question of time, when we have a big special about it. And Sair not only convinced because of his pieces, also because of a great written text. So check it out!

    (Click in the issue for full screen preview.)

    Overview of the Specials:

    • Alphabet Special: Goes II (Freiburg) vs. Pyro (Berlin)
    • Demolition Styles 2010: All Over
    • Street- Line- und Trainbombing: Sair –CFS Crew

    Preview Issue #5:


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