• Issue 4 – Let the train roll…

    stopthebuff Graffiti Magazin No #4 – Release: May 2010 – Sold out!

    Also, while working on this issue, another European graffiti hero died: DARE – TWS. His lost was unbelievable and sad. But a long-years companion tried to write a few lines about him and his feelings.

    In addition (and with full intention) we had a bright cover and a fresh Trus panel on our first side with a beautiful panorama view of the Alps. Because of this, and in dependence on Toni L, this issue is called: Let the train roll.

    Also the guys from C11 Crew where rolling big times in this issue – absolutely fresh! Also fresh, but more on the line and in the streets is 8bit rocking Mannheim City. And far away: with their Asia report, Loomit and Tumor are giving us a view into foreign cultures and countries.

    This time the alphabet battle is something absolutely special: Gold from Basel and Neso from Munich are showing us their understand of letters. But remember: they by themselves and also their crews GTK and CSB played one of the most important parts of their city history.

    Want even more? Get it…

    (Click in the issue for full screen preview.)

    Overview of the Specials:

    • Alphabet: Gold (Basel) vs. Neso (Munich)
    • Crew Special: C11
    • Asia Report: Tumor and Loomit
    • Street- and Linebombing: 8bit

    Preview Issue #4:


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