• Issue 3 – Enjoy…

    stopthebuff Graffiti Magazin No #3 – Release: December 2009 – Sold out!

    Enjoy – that’s the way of Issue #3. Issue 3 was sold out after few weeks, so be lucky if you own a copy with this burner content:

    Gismo; SAA was part of the old school special and he allowed us some views in his photo and blackbook archive – WOW! And one more think: old school legend Kane; TPM wrote the intro of this awesome special – double WOW!

    The job of the alphabet battle was done by FANTA (Munich) and JEROO (Stuttgart) and you guess what; they did a great job!

    Also two crew specials were part of issue #3. This time with HCCB and FBS, proving that the South of Germany rocks big times with line, street and train bombing! Yo. Last but not least we were featuring DR.NO and funky FRESH. Two guys mostly rocking trains. Double Yo.

    (Click in the issue for full screen preview.)

    Overview of the Specials:

    • Oldschool Part: Gismo – SAA (Mannheim)
    • Alphabet: Fanta (Munich) vs. Jeroo (Stuttgart)
    • Crew Special: HCCB
    • Crew Special: FBS
    • Trainspecial: DR.NO
    • Trainspecial: Fresh

    Preview Issue #3:


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