• Issue 2 – Don’t forget…

    stopthebuff Graffiti Magazine No2 – Release: June 2009 – Sold out!

    There will be never a cover again, that fits “stopthebuff” so much like the cover of Issue #2. A fresh n funky JEKS; EPSC panel what gets buffed. Don’t worry, we have the panel on the run on page 2 and on the last page, too. So everything is good!

    Not everything, as we worked on this issue, REMO; VIM/MOA/TKO died. A lost for the whole international train writing scene and unbelievable sad as a friend left us.

    That’s why we call this issue: Don’t forget and stopthebuff!

    Besides Remo, there were a lot more great writer part of the issue. SONIC; TSR from Munich, who was one of the first graffiti artists in Germany, told us old school stories and gave us seldom pictures of some of the oldest actions in Germany! Great!

    This time the battle of the alphabet was risked by BURNS (Munich) and SAW (Mannheim) – both are absolutely a supporting leg of the European graff scene. As for the crew special we went with SBS Crew Stuttgart this time. And there is also the EMIK special, who gave us insights in his development over the last 10 years. Capsol and Weside from Munich complement this issue with great style burners on wall and train. Double Great!

    (Click in the issue for full screen preview.)

    Overview of the Specials:

    • Oldschool Part: Sonic- TSR (Munich)
    • Alphabet: Burns (Munich) vs. Saw (Mannheim)
    • Crew Special: SBS (Stuttgart)
    • Style Evolution: Emik
    • Trainspecial: Capsol
    • Linespecial: Weside

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