• FASE, Madrid, Legazpi. 2012

    “The WildStyle is a science” – FASIM from Barcelona

    I’m Fasim One. I write with pride the crews; WildHeadBand, 156 All Stars, The Death Squad. I was born in the slums of “The Trinity” in the city of Barcelona in 1972. In the 80′s there was a boom of Hip-Hop in all Europe and with 14 years I met Henry Chalfant through some friends. He...

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    BUMS is going wild again…

    Pornstar Bums is going wild again! After he kicked his January until April stuff exclusively in the last issue, he is now back with his stuff from April until July. And also exclusively for us again. Its so nice to have this fellow on board! Have fun with this great pictures and please comment…...

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    Catch the Spanish Fly: Zeus; Barcelona


    My name is ZEUS, and I’m from a small town near Barcelona in Spain. Another name is DOSE. I started painting at the age of 14, in 1988, belonging to the 1st generation of writer in my country. My little brother who is also called HEROE was a graffiti writer who introduced me to...

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    ZED from Lithuania


    When we talk about Lithuania, we usually stress very few things in advance, these are: lithuanian beer, basketball cult and some nice girls to meet you when you there. In general we may call it a post soviet country with many restrictions and old stereotypes inside of the masses, country, with some strong dictator...

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    stopthebuff Issue #7 OUT NOW


    This is it! This is it! Issue 7 is out now! With 72 pages we are offering you guy a bunch of the finest and newest Graffiti: AK47 Power Boys Special; Beda Crew from St. Petersburg, Russia; the Bums Parade; Clemens Behr; and Amit 2.0 vs. Rusl alphabet battle. More Infos here, This is it...

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    Croatia-Special: boogie down Split!


    You have never been to croatia? You have never been to Split? So you definitely missed something big: good weather, nice sea, fantastic and friendly people, beautiful women and a lot of good GRAFFITI-Stuff! Our man Senk one provided us a lot of impressions of his city. Check it out! -

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    Demolition Areas


    One of the most successful specials of our last issues was the collection of graffitis in some demolition areas in issue #5. And the best thing (or the sad thing) is, that we had so much stuff, to almost make a own demolition issue out of it. So we couldn’t use all the pictures...

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    FAQ for the stopthebuff iPad-App

    Here you can find answers to the most common questions about our digital applications. If you need more help, please email us to: mail@stopthebuff.de or use our contact form. Is the app for free? Yes, the app is completely for free. There is also a completely free and full stopthebuff Issue 8 included in...

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    Imprint and Privacy Policy

    Imprint: stopthebuff is a service from urbanyc Publishing “stopthebuff Graffiti Magazine” Postbox 33 08 45 80068 Munich VAT-Ident.: DE263423103 E-Mail: mail@stopthebuff.de ————————————————————————————————— Privacy Policy: Last Updated on March 25, 2013 This Privacy Policy discloses the privacy practices for The stopthebuff Magazine, the stopthebuff Web site and the mobile applications of the stothebuff Magazine. The...

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    The stopthebuff iPad-App


    With the stopthebuff App you get access to a lot of Graffiti Magazines and Movies worldwide: Backspin Mag Bad Taste Mag Bomber Mag Bite It Mag Canela Mag Capture Mag Concrete Mag Ego War Mag Fast Drips 1+2 (Movie) Incognito Mag Invasian Mag Outsiders Mag Petrograff Mag Paranoid Places (Movie) stopthebuff Mag stylefile Mag...

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